Table Reference HD 300 Ariamateria

The Table

The table is a stackable modular structure, made of multilayered wooden frame, that is painted in standard RAL colors.
Overall dimensions: mm. 730W x 640D x 300T (28¾” W x 25¼”D x 11¾” T).
Leg height: mm. 180/210/250 (7”/8¼”/9¾”).
Shelf thickness: mm. 30 (1¼”).
De-coupling is ensured by TEFLON structural elements, lathe-cut from solid raw materials.
The rear leg point is lathe-cut from cast stainless steel.
The legs are de-coupled by enclosing our “ARIAMATERIA” compound.

The Shelf

The shelf is made of “ARIAMATERIA” compound, bound by a multilayered wooden frame painted in standard RAL colors. De-coupling is ensured by cones, lathe-cut from cast TEFLON.
Overall dimensions: mm. 530W x 430D x 20T (20 ¾” W x 17” D x ¾” T).

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