Loudspeaker “Arena” Marco Serri Design

Even though smaller than the big “Venezia” series, the Arena loudspeakers are in a category of their own. They share the same design as the bigger “brother”, albeit in a smaller cabinet, better suited in most rooms. Arena has a bass reflex configuration in a lute shaped cabinet; it is deeper than usual to enhance spatial sensation. The cabinet has a stiff wooden structure, and new materials are placed inside to reduce reverberations and improve sound quality.

The woofers and magneto-planar elements differ from those in the “Venezia” in dimension only, as they come from the same production line, with the same quality construction and tone.
The twin curved sides are finished in staves of two alternative types of wood, layered in different heights to render the effect of a sound wave. A super-tweeter gently rests on top of the cabinet, as if it were rising from it, the way sound rises above all the others elements to improve general tone.

System Configuration

3 way in “bass reflex” configutation; Possibility of Bi-Amplification.
Frequency Response: 29 Hz to 22 KHz at +/- 3 dB.
Sensitivity: 90 dB /1Watt/1m.
Input Impedance: 8 ohm
Low Frequency Transducer: 1 Cone Woofer ⌀ 22 cm. (8,6”)
Mid Low and Mid Frequency Transducer: 1 Circular Planar ⌀17 cm. (6.7”)
High Frequency Transducer: 1 Titanium Dome Tweeter
Dimensions: cm. 122H x 28L x 52P (48”H x 11”W x 20”D)
Weight: 57 Kg. (125 lb) each
Finishing: Mahogany-Oak; Walnut-Ash; Italian Cherry-Maple; Ebony-Birch. On Request: Silver Leaf/Gold Leaf.

Although Arena is only smaller in size, its sound reproduction is in no way inferior to bigger loudspeakers. You’ll be amazed how long you’ll enjoy listening to your favorite music with your Arena.

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