About us

Rainbow Audio is the agent for those Italian firms, whose design and production are entirely made in Italy. Thanks to their excellent design, precise construction and sound performance, we believe they are superior when compared to any other brand.

Our philosophy

When you go on listening to your Hi-Fi equipment as long as you want without fatigue, that means your equipment is well balanced, and music flows as smoothly as if real instruments were playing in your room.

This is a natural sound. This is what we require from our devices.

The aesthetics of your devices should be as pleasing and attractive as possible, since their appearance should match the excellence of their sound; so you can enjoy just looking at them.

Each one of our devices is required to have a stunning look.

You also need reliable devices, that will work for many years without any problem. It should be both possible and easy to service your equipment, to preserve your valuable investment for a long time.

Reliability is the key feature of our devices.

To have all these features in each device, we turned to Italy, the country where technology and art have been merging for centuries creating masterpieces; and where we selected designers and craftsmen capable of combining natural sound and amazing shape and reliability in the devices we proudly offer you.

Natural sound, amazing shape and reliable construction are the elements that allow music lovers and Hi-Fi enthusiasts an enjoyable and on-going “live listening experience”.