Loudspeaker “Venezia” Marco Serri Design

Each “Venezia” loudspeaker is made with innovative technical and designing features, to give the highest listening pleasure and the highest fidelity to recorded music.
Each detail, each component of the “Venezia” was studied to obtain a fantastic and exciting sound reproduction, approaching a live listening.
Intended as a no compromise loudspeaker, Marco Serri designed the “Venezia” beyond the limits of well-established techniques, with innovative ideas, new components and new construction solutions, all manufactured in his own laboratory.
His choice and challenge, too, was to combine magneto-planar speakers in a “dipole” configuration for medium and high frequencies, with a wide cone woofer for low frequencies, to enjoy the typical soundstage of the former, and the full body of low frequencies of the latter.
In the past this configuration has always had problems with the faithfulness of tone reproduction of mid-high frequencies, and for redundancy and sluggishness of the bass region.

System Configuration

“Dipole” for medium-high frequencies and “bass reflex” for low frequencies; possibility of Bi-Amplification and Three-Amplification
Frequency response: 24 Hz to 25 KHz at +/- 3dB
Sensitivity: 92 dB/1Watt/1m
Input Impedance: 8 ohm almost resistive up to 250 Hz
Low Frequency Transducer: 1 Cone Woofer ⌀ 34cm. (12.8”)
Mid Low Frequency Transducer: 4 Multi Coil Mid Woofers x 16.5×16.5 cm. (6.5”x6.5”)
Mid High Frequency Transducer: 3 Planar MidTweeters
High Frequency Transducer: 1 Ribbon Super Tweeter x 68 cm. (26.5”)
Dimensions: cm. 175H x 40L x 55P (68,8”H x 15.8”W x 21,6”D)
Weight: 70 Kg. (155 lb) each
Finishing: Deep Black Metal Resist; On Request: Silver Leaf/Gold Leaf.

The solution was found in designing both new magneto-planar speakers and new cone woofers, both made with new materials and new techniques, and entirely manufactured within his own laboratory.
These new planar speakers can reproduce musical signal very naturally and with an incredible tone fidelity that extends beyond the audible frequency range.
The woofer has a very light and stiff cone, made with new materials created in his labs specifically for this purpose, and made possible thanks to their patented innovative technique. Moved by several small magnets, much lighter in total weight than a single large magnet, this cone allows powerful and fast bass response, that is perfectly tuned with mid and high frequencies of the planar speakers.
Featuring the curved shape of the cello, and the black lacquer finish of the piano, the “San Marco” introduces music before the listening begins , since the form itself is a visual introduction to the music that will be.