Air is the vehicle for the sound that comes from materials assembled and shaped by man.

We use traditional and modern materials and make them interact with air to eliminate any damaging vibration on your hi-fi equipment, as naturally as possible. The result is a sound that is closer to the original recording, more natural, thus more involving; in one word, more exciting.

Vibrations reach your hi-fi equipment through its supports and negatively affect sound reproduction. Our purpose is to provide the best vibration de-couplers to restore the original sound and let you completely enjoy your equipment’s potential.

After a careful research for the best materials, critical studies and lab tests for optimal combination and design, we proudly present our system for minimizing vibrations.
We call it “system” because more elements contribute to the final result: materials are as important as design and theory,. , Indeed, lab tests confirm that our vibration control system is highly effective.
A large mass is needed to best minimize vibration, such as a massive stone, which unfortunately is not practical for our purpose. However, some kinds of rocks still keep their damping characteristic even when crushed into small grains and bound with specific synthetic resins. In this manner a significant amount of air still remains trapped with the grains. Thus, vibrations absorbed by solid matter, stone grains and resin, can therefore be damped through the surrounding air.

For certain air plus matter, bring out the best in your hi-fi equipment.

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