Angstrom Audio Lab

State of the art (sound) construction

Each device from Angstrom Audio Lab is one of a kind, manufactured in our Italian laboratory with the care usually reserved for an object of art. From the integrated stereo amplifier of the “Stella” series, which is the first step in our production, up to the huge and gorgeous four-chassis preamplifier of the Quantum series, the wiring of each piece is in full view, and carried out in strict compliance with the design specifications by Roberto Garlaschi.

Quality starts with the power supply

The all-tube amplifier stage is based on a “circlotron” design, with two toroidal output transformers, and is supported by a double-stage power supply, which is filtered against DC current pollution for maximum current cleanliness.
Thanks to this arrangement, the signal is completely free from spuriae: the result is a clear sound, consistent performance and complete absence of hum, even in the presence of dirty household electrical lines.

Stereo? No, Dual Mono

The complete separation of the circuits of each channel is strictly observed in stereo-like integrated products, and generates a signal marked out by an unsurpassed dynamic range.

Outstanding design for excellence in sound

All the devices by Angstrom Audio Lab begin with outstanding design and are hand made with extreme care, using the best components on the market.
All are planned, designed and made in Italy, where handiworks become works of art.
Outstanding design, absolute care in construction and choice components: real masterpieces of arts and crafts, which achieve excellence in sound reproduction.

Our products